About Us

What is Mama Stall?

The word “mama” is derived from the Tamil language, referring to an uncle or elder. Mama stalls are fondly remembered by most Singaporeans as the convenience stalls we frequented, browsing through a variety of thrifty books, sweets and stationery when we are heading back home after school. Usually located under void decks of high-rise apartment blocks, Mama Stalls are all-purpose stores, selling a variety of provisions. With modernization of our society, air-conditioned mini marts and alternative convenience chain stores have taken over, traditional Mama stall is now a rare sight.

What is Dignity Mama Stall?

Dignity Mama Stall is an initiative of Project Dignity Pte Ltd for youths with special needs, equipping them with skills to run and manage a stall. Their mums provide guidance and co-work with their children.

We sell pre-loved books and a variety of brand-new sundry items. All our books are donated, and sorted and priced reasonably to generate income.

DSC01866Dignity Mama Stall began as a pilot project inside Dignity Kitchen in 2012. Mr. Koh Seng Choon who is also the founder of Project Dignity, wanted to offer mothers with intellectually/physically challenged children an opportunity to work together and run a business in the form of a second hand bookstore.

Our intention is to put parents with challenged youth together and equip them with basic entrepreneurship skills. The current locations within hospitals offer a safe environment for the children to be in and their mothers are able to work while being able to care for their children too.

We feel that parents are the best caregivers of their children. However, as the parents grow older, the challenges of raising a disabled child are amplified. The real beneficiaries of Dignity Mama stall are not just the children with disabilities but also the parents of these children who only wish the best for their children.

The stalls provide an opportunity for the children with disabilities to stand on their own two feet, gain the aptitude and confidence to manage their own lives.

Dignity Mama Stall therefore is also playing a part in Project Dignity’s mission for  society “To build and return the dignity to the disadvantaged and disabled through vocation with passion”.

Dignity Mama Stall Locations

With the kind support of the management of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, the first Dignity Mama stall was opened at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Lobby, Yishun, selling used books in September 2012. It is a small stall, manned by two mothers and three youths with disability.

The second stall started its operations at National University Hospital in January 2014 and currently supports three mothers and six youths.

The third stall was also started on December 2016 at Ng Teng Fong Hospital.

Help us grow!

Together with your support, we can integrate the disadvantaged and disabled into our society. Find out ways to contribute to Dignity Mama Stall.

Our Daily Activities

Watch this video to understand what are some activities inside Dignity Mama Stall. You can also play a part by donating pre-loved books or simply like us on Facebook.